Peaceful Piece began two years ago as a typical LEGO Day on the floor, pulling from the box of mixed LEGO bricks and odd pieces to build cars and houses and guess whats. Then, someone said, "I wish we could have places to live where there were no trucks or cars. You could just walk or ride bikes everywhere. That would be so peaceful."

We began with a green plate on the carpeted floor, built two houses and added a security-guard entrance using face recognition technology.  A blue plate was added for a lake. The project grew visit by visit. Other builders who came by, helped. It became an ongoing project, so a table was brought in, the two plated community was moved to it, and it has been growing ever since.

Because various Builders become involved at various times, the original three Builders formed a Building Control Committee and established some rules for all Builders.



1) Only LEGO pieces will be used in Peaceful Piece.

2) Any thing built by someone else will not be moved, removed, or changed, except by the Building Control Committe's decision that the object does not conform to this Builders Agreement.

3) Only essential motorized vehicles are allowed in the community.

4) No new motorized vehicles may be added without the Building Control Committee's approval.

Build it, park it in the southeast corner, and we will determine if it is essential.

5) Each new creation will reflect  the purpose and scale of the community.

The table is now covered, except for the top southeast corner. We are considering what should go there, possibly a waste treatment facility, a parking lot for residents' cars, or a high rise office building. Also, the community needs more trees, more flowers and shrubs, and more people, especially children.  A dog, a cat, some birds would be nice.

See the 2014 Beginning               

 See the 2016 Peaceful Piece

Peaceful Piece is our vision of an ideal community.

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