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It is a rare Creative Builder who cannot use more LEGOs. This is also a good starter set. Fill in later with a smaller collection; used, in-bulk, random LEGO pieces; or a LEGO kit.

This is a good fill in of traditional bricks or a starter set for beginners.

303 pieces. The light and bright colors are a great supplement to the traditional LEGO colors.

500 pieces will fit easily in a gallon size zip lock bag. 

If sold by weight, figure 200 pieces per pound.

Washer Bags.

Even though the description may say, "sanitize​d," I wash used pieces. These (2) reusable bags simplify the process. Fill with pieces, zip closed, drop in washer.

Green Plate is the most versatile. If you can have only one plate, choose green.

Standard Building Plates. Can't have enough. Have extras at the ready to build on and to move around.

Mini-Figures are the final touch and often hard to come by.

Seard for other theme sets: heroes,soldiers, convicts, Star Wars, etc.

Doors, Windows, Roofs.

Needed for Builders of buildings--city, suburban, rural, or Hobbit houses in the forest.

250+ random pieces.

These light and bright pieces, also  used in Girl Friends kits, are well-liked by Creative Builder girls.

Advanced Creative Builder: This basic battery kit adds movement and lights to some creations. See Creative Book List below for help with this kit.

A classic book of ideas for the beginner Creative Builder, using standard LEGO bricks.

Look over this book list for creative ideas and instructions for all interests and building levels.

Big or small, we love them all!